The Evolution of Strategy: Chapter 7 - Pearl Islands

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Celebrate 30 Seasons of Survivor with "The Evolution of Strategy"

For going on 30 seasons, Survivor has captured the imagination of a generation of TV watchers and ushered in a new genre of TV.

Two-Time Survivor player, Rob Cesternino, and entertainment journalist, Josh Wigler, are going back through every season to discuss the strategic breakthroughs, game innovations and play Monday morning quarterback through every tribal council ever.

Chapter 7: Pearl Islands

In chapter 7, we break down one of the most beloved seasons of Survivor, The Pearl Islands. It's a season featuring strategic lessons from 3 iconic Survivors: Sandra, Fairplay and Rupert. We'll follow Sandra's first victory to discuss the "as long as it ain't me" strategy. In addition, we will analyze each step in the battle between Jonny Fairplay and Rupert. Plus, we talk through all of the implications of The Shipwreck, the outcast twist and, of course, the Grandma Lie in Chapter 7.

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Chapter 1 of The Evolution of Strategy is completely free. Rob and Josh discuss the entire first season in great detail discussing how the first Survivor players learned to play the game.

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Each Friday between the end of Survivor 29 and the Premiere of Survivor 30, a new chapter will be released for a purchase price of $2.99. The Amazon and All-Stars chapters will cost $3.99 and have a runtime of over 13 hours each.

All of Volume 1 (covering seasons 1-10) will be available for a purchase price of 19.99 with a run time of almost 80 hours.

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Volume 2 and 3 will be available in the summer of 2015 following the airing of Survivor 30.


Runtime: 8 hours, 31 minutes

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